2017 Breweries Announcement #8

With 12 hours until ticket sales open, were excited to announce 3 more breweries: Driftwood Brewery, Fuggles and Warlock Craftworks and Whistler Brewing. If you've been keeping score, tonight's announcement puts us over 20, and we're not done yet!

Driftwood, a Victoria native brewery, will be returning to WLCBF this February. If you're an IPA fan and Driftwood is new to you, stop hiding under a rock and go buy yourself a bomber of Fat Tug. Driftwood has some seriously good beers!

Whistler Brewing, known for beers like their Chestnut Ale and Lost Lake IPA will taking a break during their ski season to returning and join us WLCBF. 

Lastly Fuggles and Warlock will be joining us for the first time. This Richmond based brewery prides themselves on "keeping beer weird". You'll only have go as far as checking out their beer this year at the festival (or at a nearby liquor store) to see what them mean.

If you have been following us and are a newcomer to our beer festival there's something you should know about our history. We sell out. Fast. If you are interested in attending we encourage you to make time tomorrow, because any longer than that may be too late!

See you at Crofts tomorrow 9:30am - 3:00pm. 

Cost: $75 (includes entrance, souvenir glass, food and beverages)

Restrictions: Must be 19+ as of February 18, 2017 to purchase and attend, limit of six tickets per person, and ***CASH*** only.

Another HUGE thank you to Croft's Brewing for allowing us to use their venue.  Be sure to check out their products and services.