2017 Breweries Announcement #6

OK, we think the BC craft beer scene is pretty great. We've already announced 12 BC breweries whose beer are a testament to this (and don't worry, we've got more to go). But we have to admit that there is some good beer brewed outside of our beautiful province.

At WLCBF festival this year we're hosting beer from 3 breweries that's traveled a little farther than the rest: Innis & Gunn, Mill St. Brewery, and Unibroue.

Scottland's Innis & Gunn will be returning to WLCBF. The beer they shared in 2015 and 2016 has been a hit among our crowd and always receives several fan favourite votes.

Ontario's Mill Street Brewery is a well established brewery in Toronto (Est. 2002). As their product has gained popularity, it has found it's way into liquor stores across Canada.

Lastly, Unibroue, a  Quebec based brewery will be joining us at WLCBF along side another soon to be announced brewery.