2017 Breweries Announcement #2

We are excited to be hosting Granville Island Brewing, Central City Brewing and Four Winds Brewing at WLCBF 2017.

Both Granville Island Brewing and Central City Brewing are well known BC craft breweries that have been a part of our WLCBF since we were starting out in early 2015. Last year Granville shared beers such as their Lions Winter Ale and Maple Shack Cream Ale. Central City, known for their 'Red Racer' series, shared their well balanced ISA.

Four Winds is new to the WLCBF line up. They are the Delta based brewery that has picked up multiple awards at the Canadian Brewing Awards - 'Brewery of the Year' in 2015 and 'Beer  of the Year' in 2016.

Thanks to these three breweries for making the trip up from the lower mainland!